Thursday, 21 February 2013

Almost 18 weeks

To think about how long 18 weeks (126 days) actually is, it sounds like such a long time, but it feels like just yesterday we were in Delhi in search of our dream, yet we are 18 weeks pregnant. YAY

Its funny really because to begin with we would write blog posts weekly or at least several times per month. now that we are pregnant we say to each other "when we get the next scan" we will write a blog post, so this time i thought i better.

We received our first of the monthly scans yesterday.

 All seems to be well and nothing to be concerned about which is great. We both cant wait to head back to Delhi again, we really enjoyed our time there and are looking forward to experiencing more of the culture. We met so many people in Delhi, it really made the trip so worthwhile.

What makes this even more exciting for us, is the new friends we met in Delhi that are from Sydney, are pregnant just 1 day behind us. We are very happy for them and even happier that we will share this experience with them.

In other news we have finally set up our new home for our business. The plan was that by the end of 2013 we would have the 2 companies operating independently of one another, however the opportunity presented itself to align our business with a close associate and lease a fantastic Office/Showroom facility to accommodate us both.

Our Office

Reception Area

My Office
First Floor Landing and Workspace

Considering our family plans we are very happy that this has happened now rather than later. We did all the interior construction, painting, data and communication cabling ourselves. We have been working non stop for 3 weeks now. This coming Sunday we have agreed that we will not go to work (either business) on Sunday and make it our first true day off in weeks.

For those that have followed our blog you will notice that i am learning and getting so much better at making it interesting. Im very happy with myself. Funny part is that Tim and I own a technology company and i am technology "dummy". So stay tuned and i will do my best to keep things bright, colorful and interesting.

Thanks for following our journey

xxxxxxxxxxxx Chris and Tim