Sunday, 28 October 2012

A great distraction

The wait for information seems for many to be a painful and anxious period, well not for me. I unfortunately have the personality flaw that ensures I take on the stress/worry/anxiety of all of those around me. (A fantastic distraction during the 2ww assuming you enjoy little sleep) Tim and I have always been positive people and always without fail see the glass as "half full" rather than "half empty" figuratively speaking. This personality trait ensures that we attract a lot of people into our lives and this I love, I'm a very people and family oriented person (moreso than Tim) and at times I will even put our lives on hold to help other people. Is this a bad thing??? Well I personally don't believe so and Tim and I have such a strong relationship that it is not really affected. I get HUGE amount of satisfaction and happiness out of helping other people, in the past 6 months I have even gone to such extreme lengths to see others happy and smile that subconsciously I have been letting my own happiness fall behind at times. Anyhow I have something I need to get off my chest as it is causing me some slight negativity and I like to resolve negativity before I allow it to effect me.

Two people I consider close friends (as close as family even) have two great little boys. She called me the other night to tell me that she was pregnant which is fantastic news. Really very happy for her as she has wanted to have another child. BUT, he did not. Long story short, she wants it and he does not. Now I know that really this is none of my business and nothing to do with me, but there is a little something inside me that is creating the slightest amount of negativity and resentment at the fact they have kids and "clearly the ability to have more" while we must travel to the opposite end of the world and devote every last ounce of energy and emotion. As I said I'm not a negative or spiteful person I really needed to get this off my chest, I'm not one to tell another what they should or shouldn't do and she even asked me what she should do which my reply was "that I am too biased in my opinion right now with what we are trying to achieve with the help of India and that I can't answer it" I really think that statement just says to her in a nice way "keep the baby it is a gift that you can have them don't take that for granted fool" without actually saying that. Anyhow my "rant" is over now and I feel much better for sharing these thoughts and feelings.

On a brighter note the weather here in Melbourne is really starting to warm up and the days are longer. I could type for hours here but it's time to get up and go to work "bloody Monday mornings"

Thanks for reading and thank you to everyone who comments, I really look forward to hearing from you each and every post :)


Chris and Tim 

Friday, 26 October 2012

And we start the wait again :)

Well October has come, and is now almost gone. So what's been happening? And please blog more than 5 sentences per month is what has been asked of me (my lovely Greek Aussie friends).

Well we started October like any other month, in that period of waiting for surrogate selection again. Dr Shivani selected 2 surrogates she felt suitable, then almost immediately requested 1 be changed out. Then as we approached the 19/20 October (proposed FET date) in fact the day before the original surrogate was changed out. There must be a lot of behind the scenes "stuff" that is assessed and the fact that both were changed meant there must be a good reason. So we were set for FET in the 25th October and the 1st November. EXCITEMENT. 

Well the 25th has been and gone.  FET was done, 3 embryos were transferred to S1. So everything imaginable is crossed for the bhcg test on 5th Nov. Next we are set for FET on 1 Nov with S2. It is fantastic having 2 surrogates but staggered by a week. The painful waiting is lessened by looking forward to more positive news more regularly.

Well it has been a really great month all In all. We finally completed the backyard (so there is a long story to that) but long story short 14 months of construction and work in progress is now officially complete. As they say good things take time. 

All that's needed now is the plants.

Work for both of us has been non stop. And it seems to only get busier this time of year. Last week we spent the day with our Greek Aussie friends in Melbourne. Had a great lunch at docklands, played tourist and rode the the city circle tram, to the old exhibition building where there was a hippy/yuppy/trende market stall style thing going on. He escorted MrsFizzyBubbly as she spent the $$$. We then headed down to a little cafe hidden in the middle of Melbourne for coffee and cake with a serve of window shopping. Then back to docklands for dumplings dinner. (A day full of food) And fantastic company.

Well that's all I've got for now. But I will try and post more regularly.

Thanks for following our exciting journey

Xxxx Chris and Tim 

Thursday, 18 October 2012

FET Update

Ok, so I haven’t posted for a while now. We have just been patiently counting the days until we can “Take2” FET with 2 surrogates. Originally it was planned that FET would take place today, but both surrogates that were chosen were changed in the last week, Dr S is the expert and im sure that if she feels the need to change surrogates it must be for the best. So now we are scheduled for FET on the 24th October for S1 and then 1st Nov for S2. Fingers and toes crossed.

Thanks for reading our blog

xxx Chris and Tim