Sunday 14 July 2013

Another Aussie - citizenship approved

Citizenship approved... We went to the Australian high commission here in Delhi on Friday to lodge Emilia's passport application. Her citizenship was approved on Thursday and is now a true blue Aussie. 

With a little luck we should have a temp passport on Monday or Tuesday, then we can head to the frro and apply for her exit visa . 

We will have been here 3 weeks this coming Friday, and as much as I really want to stay here, finances and family need me home. Both Tim and I have been a little sick this trip, Tim has sent the inside of the hospital twice. 

We took Emilia and her cousin Namaeya to the rooftop pool today or some sun and fresh air.

Emilia has started becoming a little more alert and aware, I'm not sure how much she can actually see but she certainly knows when we are around. If she doesn't want to sleep she won't. If she wants food she demands it. She is really a very happy baby. 

Here are a few more pics of our "babymoon"

Love the baby frown she gives...

Emilia and her surrogacy cousins. 

Tim and Kylie fooling about at the spaghetti kitchen in saket select city walk shopping centre. 

More cousins hanging about the breakfast dining room.

This is my favorite photo. 

Thanks for following our journey.

Xxx Chris and Tim 


  1. Welcome to Australian citizenship little one! You're born into a great country! Congrats guys!

  2. Congrats on the citizenship!! You little one is too cute!! Hope you get to ake her home soon. All the best.