Saturday, 29 June 2013

Hotel Eden - Delhi

Well what an exciting week it has been. Last Saturday my brother in law married his beautiful bride. Monday our baby daughter made her entrance into the word. Thursday we packed like crazy and boarded the flight to India. Friday morning we met our daughter for the first time. Saturday we spent time with our new surrogacy family from all over the world. which brings me to the present "Sunday" 30 June 2013.

Soooo Yeahhh just a normal week really. NOT!

Ok so i am using Tims laptop to write this, ignore my spelling. if it doesnt make sense it is the computer or the jet lag.

so i am still stuck on Melbourne time. 6am melbourne time wake up is 1 am here!!! this is killing me.

oh i have to say it this keyboard is terrible.

Emilia is doing great. she lost about 300 - 400 grams from her birth weight but is now back on the increase. she is simply perfect.

We have again met some really great people who we are proud to be sharing this journey with. Without the support of everyone else chasing the same dream it may very well be a lonely road. We were invited by a beautiful person to visit her twins in the NICU who were born very early. this was a true honor as her daughters are the most amazing and beautiful babies i have seen, She is a strong person herself and it really shows through in her 2 babies.

I am told that it is best to keep blog post short and frequent. So how about i leave this post here and i promise to post again daily.

XXX Chris and Tim

Thanks for following our journey

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  1. Congratulations!!! What a week alright! Emilia looks so very pretty, very beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing her in Delhi too, and to introducing her to our baby girls, who as you rightly point out....are probably sleeping buddies beside each other at the Eden!